Jerome Bel Chat
===by Emily Katz
it was quiet.
Timing is Everything, he said.
It was 1984, four years after Mitterand came into Parliment. It was easy to be a dancer then.

But once, everyone in the audience left. they all got up.
Sometimes you are ahead of the curve, and then things can go really bad. we are ambitious, and that is why there are often problems.
they couldn’t get into the US when they were meant to perform on Sept 15, 2001
stuck in Bangkok traffic for 2 hours in standstill
no show to perform after 10 days of trying to make one happen
going on vacation right before the Tsunami, and luck had it they went to a different part of the country…
(I found that some artists are surprised by their own success.
and how other people view what they do…. he can’t believe that after this show, Pichet Klunchun and Myself, people wanted to hug him. that they were so moved…)
(there are two women sitting in front of each other both with the most beautiful icy white curls….)
What is theater’s power? as soon as people are watching, you are different. but we are trying to be as real as we can for you.
precision. precision. precision . …(this is all i am thinking about in regards to movement and dance and how people should use their language)
how to respect the thing(dance/art) and still make it alive.
language is the most sophisticated tool to understand each other.
most of these words are direct quotes. some of them are thoughts floating around all of us in the room where we couldn’t hear Mark Russel, or the other guy, Steve Purcell, who we couldn’t hear at all…
but Jerome talked and made me feel, as an artist, to be hard on our selves, but at the same time if you love what you do, recognize that hard times happen, and shit might get thrown back at you, and everyone might walk out on your performance, but if it is true for you, then they just have to catch up…