The Yes Men / Keep It Slick
posted by: Donald Allgeier
The Yes Men exhibit on display at PNCA is comprised of two rooms. One is a conference room where a perpetual presentation is being given to whomever enters the room. The other is a boardroom with a power point presentation running in front of a table loaded with information about past Yes Men exploits. The best part of this entire installation for me was the wall covered in McDonaldized icons of cultural heroes of peace and resistance. Pictures of Ghandi, Che Guevara, and Malcolm X are made fit for happy meals. The images are a great visualization of the power of capitalism’s ability to co-opt those ideas and figures that oppose it’s more drastic consequences. Unfortunately, the rest of the work lacks that sort of depth. While the exhibit is well worth seeing for a brochure-like overview of the Yes Men’s activism, it is heavy on corporate condemnation with less of an artistic examination of the human nuances that lead to the state of affairs being protested. You can check it out any day from 9 am – 9 pm until October 4th at The Feldman Gallery in PNCA.