Tim Etchells Sight is the sense that dying people tend to lose first is a long tirade of simple descriptions and explanations of the world. The delivery of these observations by actor Jim Fletcher, is in an earnest and sincere way that seems to assume the audience may not have known that “Cats are afraid of dogs.”, or “The telephone is an amazing invention.” The performance goes on like this for quite a while covering a range of topics in no particular order or evident logic and the randomness and innocence of many of the comments got chuckles and laughs from the audience.

I really enjoyed this performance. A theme that’s been present in a lot of the work this TBA for me has been language and communication, and how that’s interpreted by others and ourselves changing our understanding or experience of the world. Sight is the sense… made me think of all the different ways we describe the world around us and how inundated we are by these descriptions in our daily lives. How we often accept these descriptions at face value instead of recognizing, challenging, or exploring them. How we take for granted the abstraction of ideas or thoughts through any type of language.
Sight is the sense… is only being performed one more night, Friday, September 12th. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Posted By: Matthew