It’s probably safe to assume that a participant of a scavenger hunt doesn’t expect to come away with anything resembling a food item permanently tattooed to their body. Well, there are a few people out there now with indelibly matching doughnut tattoos which marks the day on which they traversed around town, not particularly scavenging, but unraveling their own experience of finding out. I think that one of the reasons why a scavenger hunt is so fun is the way in which “the journey becomes the destination”. It’s quite true that you didn’t need to get a tattoo of a doughnut to get to the next step–only four were being offered and the other teams could figure it out–but for the folks who were inked, their participation is really awe-worthy. There’s a certain preciousness to their gesture…while the act is still somewhat predicated on their own identity and motive (“I am a kind of person that will get a tattoo”) the fact that they did not choose the image (or know what it was until it was “too late”, so to speak) offers a generous trust to those around them.