It seemed rehearsed. How could they rehearse the answers to 2000 questions? They couldn’t but it seemed like they did, the overly dramatic, sometimes effected speech of Forced Entertainment as they wound their way through their tattered sheets of questions. In the manner of TBA 07 Gatz, this marathon six hour performance luckily didn’t ask the audience to sit in the small claustrophobic warehouse room of The Works for the entire six hours. It was more like a competition between the audience, who could watch the endless stream of some interesting, some innocuous, some ridiculous and some just plain factual questions, the longest. I only lasted through 2 questioning cycles, leaving after the second actor answered the questions, “are you ready to stop” and he said “yes”. And frankly that was plenty. The performance seemed like the opposite of therapy. One person answering all the questions, but rather than the questioner listening thoughtfully to the answers, they simply moved on to the next, often unrelated question. By not engaging with the answers to the questions, it was like talking to a narcissist, what you say is never as important as what they say. The entire performance felt a little self-indulgent as if Forced Entertainment really only wanted to hear their own voices.
-Ariel Frager