Our Hit Parade
Bring on the Dirty Pop!
James Maxwell
In 2009 I am entering graduate school to earn a Masters in media and cultural studies. My life plan is to eventually become a professor of pop culture so on Friday night when I watched Our Hit Parade take the stage I knew I was going to love the performance. Kenny Mellman, Bridget Everett, and Neal Medlyn totally killed it on stage, and all of the artists who performed brought an interesting and hilarious look at current and past pop music.
The first ten minutes of the program where all three of the hosts performed a collection of top pop hits of the past decade was memorable to say the least. All three were dressed to impress and I could tell that the performers were having just as much fun as we were in the audience.
Our Hit Parade then had TBA artists perform the top hits of last week and interpret the songs however they liked. Some of the highlights of the show were:
#7- Cayenne Pepper doing a performance to MIA wearing an animal skull and popping balloons to the sounds of gunshots.
#5-Neal Medlyn performing a Miley Cyrus song and stripping down to a candy necklace thong then removing that on stage. All he had left on by the end of the performance was his glasses and one piece of candy stuck in his crack.
#4-Mike Daisey doing a fast paced monologue while that god-awful Katie Perry song played. He discussed everything from pillow fights to trying to be homo in the 2 minutes and made the song actually enjoyable.
Of course the three hosts brought down the house at the end of the program performing the number one song while being scantily clad in stars and stripes. Our Hit Parade was a pop culture gem that demonstrated TBA artists can not only entertain an audience in their own right but could also throw one hell of a karaoke party!