BIG 3rd Episode (happy/end)
Like a variety act performed in a living room by excited children for their parents, Superamas sang, lip synched, play acted their way into our hearts with joyful abandon. By utilizing repetition, this Parisian/Viennese collective pinpointed the center of each scene, highlighting its meaning and expanding our engagement with two separate conversations. One scene featured a group of callous shirtless men (boys) playing Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, discussing an unplanned pregnancy after an adulterous affair. Their shirtlessness invited an air of juvenility, these men were definitely not sexy but rather mean and uninteresting. The second repeated scene, a group of three women discussed their love lives in a gym locker room, changing into workout clothes over and over again. Their bodies were beautiful and strong, a show much more geared to those who love women as opposed to those of us who love men.

By freezing the action, Superamas directed their performance like punctuation does for the written word. The re-enactment of the previous scene highlighted what was said, underlining, capitalizing on the meaning of each spoken (lip synched) word of dialogue. I found myself captivated by seeing the scene over and over, with slight variations. The performance also featured video and dance, live music and lip synching. I bounced happily in my seat to The Jackson Five and REM’s Shiny Happy People, giggled at the video Liberation Dance and left Lincoln Hall in a decidedly better mood than when I entered. A happy/end to the 2008 version of TBA, thanks Superamas.
-Ariel Frager