Big 3 rd episode
James Maxwell
The show was hot! I completely understood that the performance was exploring deep wounds such as failure and death, and the messages were done in unique ways. But I walked out of the Superamas show turned on. I mean when you put 5 shirtless guys playing guitar while the leading lady touches herself to the sounds of Nirvana the audience will get excited.
All of the scenes of the Big 3 rd episode were entertaining and kept my friends and I on the edge of our seats. The show just made me want to go out and party which is exactly what I needed on a Friday night. Later in the evening, after a few cocktails, we even tried to re-create the dance off scene but both my cousin and I pulled something while trying to imitate the high kicks.
The cast was not only very attractive but also very talented and could have kept my attention if they wanted to repeat the scene another hundred times. Even though all of the grinding and nudity were my favorite parts of the performance I have to credit to the creativity behind the car crash scene. Using only lights and sounds the creators of the episode turned a sexy dance party into an eerie and devastating situation. The on stage scene was simplistic but still very powerful.
Superamas was a rocking good time that used sexuality, repetition, humor, and vanity to showcase life messages that anyone could relate to. Oh, did I mention that the show was hot!