—Emily Katz
This show begins in silence. I hear the shuffle of people in the audience, and then we all quiet ourselves and a small young woman moves onto stage, in only jeans, with no top, completely bare chested, with an awkwardness, and then shakes her body, and then moves into a pose that looks like yoga and grins unselfconsciously at the audience. This smile makes me think of the unabashedness of youth in a world before sexuality, before self knowledge. Not that these two things go together.

She is expressing exquisite emotion without using words. And then I think she needs a hug.
There is deafness, she is manic, then I remember the silence that is all around us, and there are moments I can’t breathe, her breath is the only sound.
Next the scene changes and a woman who i think could be the Celine Dion of Israel comes out and sings into a microphone in Hebrew. Is she lipsynching? I can’t tell. She wears a red robe/kimono, and is very aware of the audience giving her attention.
The man comes out and is also dressed only in jeans and shirtless.
these dancers are totally sexy and his hip gyrations turn me on. The young woman is surprised by this display of sex and senses, metamorphosis awakening sensuality.
David Lynch would enjoy this performance. The strangeness of the woman in red, and the raw visual of the dancers, so simply expressing their emotions in a sort of courtship-turned-breakup-turned-resolution-dance.
And then I am captivated by the way the light hits the female dancers body, she moves with him in the background, mirroring her, while violins and cellos cover the song “I think I’m Crazy, baby” by Radiohead.
I feel like crying. My heart is pulsing in these dancers hands. They are telling my story too…
The woman in her red robe reads us a love poem in Hebrew. I wonder if anyone in the audience understands the words. I don’t, and there are intentionally no explanation of the verse.
But we do understand? don’t we? There are many kinds of language…
Leesaar The Company/ Geisha
09.06.08 at Portland State University Lincoln Hall
Time-Based Art Festival, PICA
Photo by Jennifer Erickson
All Rights Reserved, PICA