I do not think we can take full credit, or even any credit for the impulses of artists. Although it is kind of strange that several of our TBA alumni take to shearing off their hair post festival. (e.g. Nature Theater of Oklahoma TBA:06 closing night when cast members closed down the Works by taking to a makeshift stage and buzz clipping off their hipster hairdo’s).
When Vivarium Studio’s visited us in 2006 I not so secretly called company member Zinn Atmane, the “Future of Hair” (a title I had given Lone Twin in 04/05).
Lone Twin / Gary
Gary from Lone Twin was beard before beard was cool again. TBA:05
LoneTwin / Greg
So was Lone Twin, Greg. TBA:05
What is the “future of hair”? Well artists are often future forecasters of sorts and while their work often pushes at the sides of reality, so does their fashion. Vivarium Studios returned to PICA this year for the Time-Based Art Festival, and I had heard rumors that Zinn wanted to tease his q-tip coiffure into a Reggie Watts like explosion.
Reggie Watts
Reggie Watts / TBA:08 / Photo by Kenneth Aaron
Instead he returned to France and made this video.
this video.