Post-show: Orphée

Boy oh boy, the second act brought the PHILIP GLASS! Posted by: Jim Withington… Continue Reading

Orphée; Intermission

Fast, furious, intermissionary post! Posted by: Jim Withington… Continue Reading

PMMNLS: Kenneth Goldsmith

Kenneth Goldsmith hates Facebook. / Photo Credit: © C. Jones PSU MFA MONDAY NIGHT LECTURE SERIES:… Continue Reading

Headphones in the Square

Back To Back Theater Small Metal Objects Two hundred or so people, lining the stadium seats… Continue Reading

the race card

quick tip from Laura Becker Everyone who saw The Shipment may enjoy this segment I’m watching… Continue Reading

Provisional Sculpture

FOREVER NOW AND THEN AGAIN, Jesse Hayward Posted By: Jenevive Tatiana If you imagine that participation… Continue Reading

Everywhere Dancing

AMYO/tinyrage – too Posted by: Meg Peterson We all have a way about our walk; it… Continue Reading

Some Things Last a Long Time

Pan Pan Theatre: Performance as an Autonomous Aesthetic Activity (workshop) Inside/Outside: Back to Back Theatre (noontime… Continue Reading

All Crumbs and No Trail

Pan Pan Theatre, The Crumb Trail Posted by: Dusty Hoesly The Crumb Trail, Pan Pan Theatre’s… Continue Reading

Circling in on ourselves

Peter Coffin, untitled Posted By: Jenevive Tatiana Arriving into a gallery space–even one as nomadic and… Continue Reading

Sesame Street for Adults

Circles and Spinning Wheels Curated by Melody Owen Posted by Ariel Frager As a unifying theme,… Continue Reading

Nervous Sweat

A few hours before the show, a friend told me about a performance Miguel Gutierrez once… Continue Reading

I Don’t Want to Lose You

Back to Back Theatre, small metal objects Posted by: Dusty Hoesly Back to Back Theatre’s small… Continue Reading

Transfixed and Transformed

Raimund Hoghe Bolero Variations Friday, September 11th 8:30 P.M. Newmark Theatre By Eve Connell Subtle, meditative,… Continue Reading

Portland Sightings

Back to Back Theatre small metal objects Friday, September 11th 12:30 P.M. Pioneer Courthouse Square By… Continue Reading

LeftOva and Ova and Ova Again

Kalup Linzy, SweetBerry: Sampled and LeftOva Posted by: Dusty Hoesly Beloved New York video and performance… Continue Reading


Raimund Hoghe – Bolero Variations posted by: Seth Nehil I walked out of Bolero Variations feeling… Continue Reading

Here and There

AMYO/tinyrage – too posted by: Seth Nehil Choreographer Amy O’Neal met friends, family and fellow dancers… Continue Reading

Crushing on Locust

locust, crushed Posted by: Dusty Hoesly Crushed is an explosive mix of hip-hop and contemporary dance,… Continue Reading

American Family Road Trip

Erik Friedlander Block Ice and Propane Posted by Ariel Frager When choosing shows for this years… Continue Reading

Winnipeg Babysitter

Daniel Barrow, Winnipeg Babysitter posted by Kirsten Collins What would happen if everyone in town had… Continue Reading

The Open Road Inspires

Erik Friedlander Block Ice & Propane Thursday, September 10th 8:30 P.M. Winningstad Theatre (aka The Hollywood… Continue Reading

Yes, I Am Negative and Vegetarian

Pan Pan Theatre The Crumb Trail Wednesday, September 9th 8:30 P.M. Winningstad Theatre (The Hollywood Squares)… Continue Reading

I Believe(d) In You

I Believe(d) In You Robert Boyd, Conspiracy Theory Feldman Gallery, PNCA Lying in bed today with… Continue Reading

Slug Sex and Waltzing

Maybe Forever – Meg Stuart/Philipp Gehmacher Posted by: Meg Peterson A projection of dewy ferns, beds… Continue Reading

Quick Hits

Posted by: Jim Radosta Photo by: CaroleZoom The past few days have been packed with so… Continue Reading

One Hand. Tied.

Miguel Gutierrez and The Powerful People, Last Meadow Posted by: Jen Olesen My father loved James… Continue Reading

Working together, taking it apart

Working Together Chat Posted By: Jenevive Tatiana In yesterday’s chat “Tune In: Media Saturation and Manipulation”… Continue Reading

Raw Energy Unleashed

locust crushed Tuesday, September 8th 6:30 P.M. THE WORKS By Eve Connell Seattle scenesters, locust, performed… Continue Reading

Powerful People, Indeed

Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People Last Meadow Monday, September 7th 8:30 P.M. Winningstad Theatre By… Continue Reading


Crock Posted By: Carissa Wodehouse The film Crock marks a TBA first for me, a first… Continue Reading

Talking on the Lawn

Labor Day Picnic Posted By: Julie Hammond My too-cafinated heart was still racing when I pulled… Continue Reading

TBA’s Picnic in the Park

Planted! A Labor Day Picnic with Slow Food Portland Monday, September 7th 12:30 P.M. to 4:00… Continue Reading

Crushed With Joy

Locust Crushed Crushed With Joy To the sounds of a beat-box, locusts emerge and dance around… Continue Reading

Corpogeographies and Utopian Sites

C.L.U.E. (color location ultimate experience), robbinschilds posted by: Jenevive Tatiana The movement language and collaborative dynamics… Continue Reading

The Truth Is Out There

Robert Boyd, 09.06.09 Posted by: Jim Radosta It’s a good thing Robert Boyd isn’t a member… Continue Reading

Coincidence? I think not

Michelle Boulé (Miguel Gutierrez) Posted by Tim DuRoche Separated at Birth: Michelle Boulé, Cindy Sherman, Tilda… Continue Reading