Meg Stuart and Philipp Gerhrmacher, Maybe Forever
Posted by: Daniel Manuszak
In the span of a relationship failing, two spines intertwine and move like jerks through strobe lights backwards. They relate the way insects dance. Phrases mimic each other as do movements, then at times they become completely disparate.
Buddhists say, “All life is suffering.” Would this decay of a relationship disjointed from the first juncture rephrase that as, “All life is struggle?” It sure appeared so.
I wonder if these two had chosen to depict a successful pairing, would the movements have been any different? All flowing lines and sweet caresses? I don’t think so. I think the movements would have been equally erratic. Sure, forces would have aligned more frequently, but, more often than not there would have been the same push and pull, the constantly re-defined exchange of energy and coercion of will that characterize all vital relationships in the making. The only difference is that nobody would have gotten lost backstage. And, the dancers would have ended up together.

This performance made me appreciate the relationship I’m in right now to a greater degree. It evoked a sadness at the struggle, but helped me to recommit to being present and really trying to build our relationship in a positive direction. I liked the waltzes, but my girl likes the twist.