Dj Beyonda at the Works
by Emily Katz
After the hilarious and defining performance by Artist in Residence Kalup Linzy, the large crowd quickly escaped the theater to refresh on drinks and eat from the now 3 food cart options, recharging to dance all night long.

Dj Beyonda set up her turntables mid stage, with the help of local dj E*rock, and others, and started the second part of the night off right, with her signature soul set. With a backdrop of classic Sesame Street style “how things are made” filmstock, depicting how vinyl 45′s are made, spliced with 60s era girl groups singing and dancing.
The crowd began split in two, with her regulars up on stage, shaking and shimmying to the rhythms. But then security was called and asked everyone to join together on the dance floor. It actually made it better, the packed sweaty, smiling bodies all together in the dancehall. Now if only the floor wasn’t slanted.
I stayed and danced until almost 2am, and the party was still going on.
And that is when the large bus outside the front door of the Works, called my name. Al forno Ferruzza.
I have never experienced fresh pizza out of the oven at 2:30 am, and if I had, I still think this would have obliterated the memory. The boy making the pizza threw the dough 15 feet in the air, over and over, stretching it perfectly, and then asked me what topping I wanted. the choices were: local chantrelle mushrooms, caper berries, oil cured olives, onions, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and homemade sauce with huge chunks of mozzarella.
I asked for the WORKS! and 4 minutes later the pizza came out of their oven steaming and fragrant. And two slices were only $5.
They also have a brick and mortar location on Alberta, but I don’t like the atmosphere there, and they don’t have a liquor license, which is just no fun.
I highly recommend eating their pizza as often as you can, and if you can dance to dj Beyonda in the same night you have surely got it made.