Fast, furious, intermissionary post!
Posted by: Jim Withington

This is my first opera.
I admit it. Some thoughts:
–I love that even Portland’s opera audience dresses down. I think the only suits were onstage.
–Opera singers: no mikes. Also, not NEARLY as loud as expected, but then, you try belting that stuff out. I’m fascinated how much my ears adjusted.
–I absolutely LOVE that we have some celebrity blogging, an ACTUAL celebrity blogging, an arts critic, another arts organization, and me. I love the range of folks writing.
–This has some Glass..y…ness? In that the music sounds liek Glass. I have to be honest though: I’m at the opera, and I am dealing with the singing, but what I REALLY want is to hear the orchestra, to see them powering through. I wonder if we can get a soundtrack, sans vocals?
–Folks are coming up to us and asking, essentially, “Wtf? Where’s the story?” And that’s what happens when Philip Glass takes all the words from a movie script, turns it into lyrics, and stages it.
–There are many instances of mirror images in this show, because Death travels through mirrors. The staging of that is amazing. You can certainly tell the the mirrored actors are different people, but it’s still fantastic.
Gotta go!