How does one “liveblog” for a night at the opera?
And really, should we?
I won’t answer the second one, and I’ll attempt to show the first one.

I attended the lecture on Tuesday and heard a lot about Glass’s process in creating Orphée. One of the most fascinating parts of this production, in particular, was how Glass uses his opera to add a time-based element to a medium (film) that he considers definitive.
What Glass was getting at there was the difference between something like theatre or opera–a medium that has different choices (performers, spaces) every time a production takes place–and the static, final edit nature of film. After all, this opera takes it’s cues–it’s plot, it’s everything–from the Cocteau film.
A real benefit of seeing the lecture was hearing Glass discuss how he felt about the underlying theme of Cocteau’s trilogy–that it looks at art, making art, and how artists transform their world.
Even better, it was amazing to hear how it fits in with Glass’s philosophy–that art is transforming the every day, which is something he believes we can all do, every day.
There’s a lot more to say. But it’s nearly showtime. See you at intermission.