Our Development Associate, Jessica Burton, was selected as one of Caldera’s Artists in Residence for the month of February! While we valiantly try fill all of her duties here, she’s off focusing on her choreography and dance in a lakeside studio in Central Oregon. Here is her first report back from a few days into her residency:

I was welcomed to Caldera on Tuesday night by Jason, Kevin, and Wendy with a homemade curry lentil soup, spinach salad and wine. Kevin and Wendy are photographers and Jason is a writer. The soup is delicious. We talk about art on the two coasts (Jason and Kevin are from Brooklyn and Wendy is from Portland). Kevin is looking for a new gallery and that led us to talk to about artist representation and the differences between performance and visual “systems”. That led me to talk about the People’s Biennial lecture from last Saturday. The question “What makes someone an artist?” keeps coming up for me. They ask me about my plan for the next three weeks and what my process will be. I honestly reply that I have no idea. I am here to find out.
At the end of the evening, after several glasses of wine, the three other artists leave and I take a walk through my dance space. It is huge. The acoustics are great, so I turn on some music, crank the volume, and take a few spins around the room. This is MY space for the next three weeks! I can’t believe it.

I sleep well in my A-frame after starting a fire in my wood burning stove and curling up to Deborah Hay’s My Body the Buddhist. The next day I sleep in, make coffee and head to the studio for yoga and some movement exploration. I put on Rufus Wainwright and immediately channel Diana Szeinblum and Lucas Condro. I start with an exercise that I learned from Diana that helps to connect your hands and core to the rest of your body. After a few hours I need a break, so I go for a hike around the lake. Today my muscles ache from head to toe. It is a great feeling.

We’ll try to keep you updated on Jessica’s residency experience, but if you’d like to catch her work in-person, consider making a road trip this weekend for Saturday’s Artist Open Studio!