Hey Gang,
Tall Matt Haynes here.
Being a new to blog-formatting I wanted to do a test-entry before TBA starts proper. Good chance to introduce myself:
My name is Matt Haynes. I’m a Maine native happily transported to Portland OR as of 6 years ago. I thrive off performing arts networking thus, for easier in-person spotting, I have branded myself with the thoroughly un-clever nickname: Tall Matt Haynes (yes I am tall… 6’9″… no, there is no “Short Matt Haynes” in town with whom I’m confused… I told you my nickname wasn’t clever).
I’m a Skidmore and Dell’arte trained actor with ambitions to write/produce/direct. I’m thrilled to get to not only go to these TBA events but also to process them with this blog, advancing my journey in the world of live art.
Good to meet y’all. See you in the lobby!