NOONTIME CHAT: TBA in a Nutshell
Friday, September 10, 2010 12:30 pm -1:30 pm
Posted by: Nicole Leaper
Photo by: Wayne Bund
You can feel it in the air; something is different. It’s in the way Washington High School wraps itself around you, smelling like junior year. It’s in the relaxed but sincere way Cathy Edwards gestures, hand over heart, talking about the artists who work to create the experiences we are about to have. This year, it’s about you, me, and we; join hands and feel the love.

PICA’s artistic staff Cathy Edwards, Kristan Kennedy and Erin Boberg Doughton presented festival highlights to a small group in PNCA’s main space on Friday. Manual labor, logistics, and technology have been in overdrive leading up to TBA:10′s opening day, but the team seems calm and, well, happy. They talk about how the feel of this year’s festival contrasts to last year’s high-strung and more reactive mood. This year, the atmosphere is deeply personal but open; artists are examining the intimate and making it public by inviting audiences into shared experiences; as Edward puts it, creating an “authentic, intimate space for the self” and asking us into that space. The catalog for Kennedy’s Human Being describes this mood with a thought found on a scrap of paper at Washington High School after the building housed Hurricane Katrina refugees: “Art and colors are better than sadness”. Here’s to art, color, and TBA:10.