I love a good deal and Ten Tiny Dances is a great deal, for the price of one you get to see ten, although tiny still interesting, dances. When I first saw the Ten Tiny Dances I got this feeling that I had a couple of times before; like when I was a young drifter and somehow ended up on this farm out in the country where all these poets and artists were having a big shindig, and as I was sitting on a bale of hay I had this feeling overcome me like, these are my people, this is where I belong and fit in, this is what I have been looking for. The incredible creativity, freedom, discipline and hard work of the poets and artists somehow transferred a liberating feeling into my soul, and I felt like I had friends in the world with similar interests and aspirations, and this is how I feel when I see the Ten Tiny Dances, and actually how PICA TBA makes me feel also, I love this stuff.
Anyhow Ten Tiny Dances 22 was as good as ever, I could go in and try to review and critique every tiny dance, but since I really don’t know anything about dance except that I like it, my critique would probably be pretty boring and tiresome, so all I have to say is that last night was pretty darn good, and if you haven’t seen the Ten Tiny Dances before, give it a try, it’s much better than TV and as I said it’s a great deal for your money, peace, see you at the show.
gordon wilson 09-12-10