Anissa Mack at The Lumber Room
Posted by: Ariana Jacob
calder on kawara.jpg
image by Ryan Wilson Paulsen
When I entered the Lumber Room I thought I was going to see an exhibition of Anissa Mack’s work, so I was surprised to find an open, half living-space/half gallery filled with work by artists including Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer, Lee Bontecou, On Kawara and Yves Klein.
Anissa Mack’s work is in there too, but what she has graciously offered us is her particular curation of the space’s owner Sara Meigs’ impressive contemporary art collection. Anissa used her several week long residence in the Lumber Room to finish one of her “space-age craft” optically distorting quilts and make a site specific installation, which are both on display. But her time was largely spent looking through Meigs’ collections and pulling together a group show of works by major artists that speak to her own art. And while we don’t have the free reign to do our own thumbing through this collection we still get to feel an unusual intimacy with it just by entering this place.
When do you get a chance to spend casual, homey time with works of art of this level of historical significance?
This is a private space so go see it while they are opening their doors to us.
The Lumber Room 419 NW 9th