Each year, PICA produces a companion program to our Time-Based Art ON SIGHT Visual Arts exhibitions. Over the past few days, we’ve posted some of the artist interviews from TBA:10 to the blog, but there is a lot more packed inside the latest catalogue. With all of this rich content at our disposal, we wanted to make the past programs available online for your enjoyment. For more artist interviews, recordings, and art publications, visit the PICA Resource Room, Monday-Friday, 10 am – 5 pm.

Download the TBA:10 ON SIGHT Catalogue (PDF), featuring artists Charles Atlas, Ronnie Bass, Dan Gilsdorf, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Anissa Mack, Miller & Shellabarger, Christopher Miner, John Smith, Ruby Sky Stiler, Storm Tharp, and Yemenwed. The catalogue also includes a photo essay by Visual Art Curator Kristan Kennedy; an interview between People’s Biennial curators Jens Hoffmann and Harrell Fletcher; an essay by Mack McFarland on Nina Katchadourian; and original writing by Anne Marie Oliver, Sam Korman, and Rebecca Steele.