When Kristan began planning out the visual art exhibits for TBA this year, she had bricks on the brain. After her brother made an offhand comment about bricks and anger, she began to think about the janus nature of the simple block: the foundations of buildings, but also the weapon of protest, the message thrown through a window. She started tracking down artists whose work played with those same dualities of construction and demolition, and she began to go brick crazy. So, as she is wont to do, Kristan started a tumblr:


Well, through our office conversations and the wisdom of the internet, we quickly discovered that bricks have far more than two sides. The tumblr, which originated as an exploration of a symbolic object, became a repository of all of the very literal instances of bricks in our culture, from revolution to fashion to pop culture to music to philosophy. And as the Festival draws nearer, we keep coming across more bricks in the news, in history, in the current London protests, in art, and in the peripheries. And with all of these bricks around us, our culture is built up and dismantled every day.