After years of plugging along on our existing website, we stopped, looked up, and realized the rest of the Internet had blown on by. The Flash slideshows and parti-colored boxes that once seemed so au courant, all of sudden appeared so very “1.0.” Well, after years of dreaming, and many months of behind-the-scenes toiling, we’re ready to unveil a completely new Thanks to the incredible team at Switchyard Creative (the wizards behind our original mobile site), we have a crisp, minimal, responsive design that highlights our incredible artists and events, while offering a seamless experience from desktop to tablet to smartphone. Just look at how far we’ve come:



Left: Before. Right: After.


We’ve taken your feedback over the years, and done a little dreaming beyond it, to devise a site that better captures the breadth of our program and serves up the details you need to find everything you need to know. Let’s take a little tour, shall we?


When you first get to the site, you’ll be welcomed by a completely revamped homepage.  First and foremost, this redesign gave us a chance to roll in our new identity that makelike designed for us last year. We finally feel like our new selves!  Beyond aesthetics, the new homepage does a better job of showing you what’s new, with an improved calendar of Upcoming Events, a feed of our latest blog posts, and a bigger, brighter billboard slider, with more options for what kinds of content we can share.



Click on “Upcoming Events” and you’ll be greeted with the real makeover story of the entire update: our events calendar.  On our old site, we had two separate calendars for TBA and year-round events, limited options for viewing the events happening on a given date, a search that only went back as far as the current year, and a data structure that dropped everything with multi-day runs (hello, exhibitions) down to the bottom of the chronological list, even if they happened first in time! Now, you’ll see a clear, chronological calendar of all upcoming events, with options to drill in on events within specific programs or happening that very day. Scroll through the calendar in the corner to see past and upcoming events, click on a month to view those programs, or a day to see just a slice of what we’ve done. It all offers a much clearer picture of what’s going on with PICA.



Select an event and you’ll find our new layout for performances, exhibitions, and other programs. At top there is a HUGE feature image, a completely cleaned-up information section at left with ticket links, live mapping, and more; plus direct social sharing right from the post. Take it to Facebook, Twitter, or Googe+ with the click of a button. No more Flash errors and generic text when you try to share an event on our site. Events also now accomodate embedded video and links so we can share more multimedia. Right at the bottom of the event, you’ll find a list of “Related Events” that we think you might like: workshops and talks by the same artist, performances by similar artists, or events and exhibitions exploring a similar theme. There’s even more to come with the events page, including a direct iCal link next to every event date so that you can save our events to the calendar of your choice, so check back as we continue to make improvements.




At the bottom of every event, you can also see one of the brand new features we are the most excited about: the Artist Page. We’ve moved artist bios out of the event text and onto their own pages, where we can add video interviews, past reviews, and other background info on the artists we present. Each artist page gets linked to every event they’ve done with PICA, so you can see a full record of their history with us. So click on the artists linked at the bottom of each event, or visit our Artist Index page, where you can see a full list of every artist we’ve shown (all the way back through 2009, with more to come as we work on our archive).



If you were ever stymied by our old search feature, which only pulled from the current year of events, then you’ll be sure to like the new-and-improved global search, which is broken out by Events, Artists, and General Site hits. Easily find what you’re looking for, no matter where it lives on the site

What else is new? A restyled and more integrated blog. A simpler web store for PICA clothing and catalogues. The all new for our just-launched regranting program. And did we mention that our new responsive design smoothly transitions between whatever device you’re using, with no need for special mobile-only sites? Make sure to visit on your smartphone and see how good it looks, even when it’s small.

That’s it. We’ve turned on the lights and hung out our sign. So welcome to our new home on the Internet. We hope you like it.