Irregular updates on the comings-and-goings of our many, many alumni artists.

The Crosscut profiled Mike Daisey (performing in Portland next week!), discussing This American Life, his last year, and his thoughts on storytelling in journalism.

Jeremy Wade (who performed solo early this year) and Jassem Hindi (part of Keith Hennessy’s TBA:12 Turbulence) are performing a new work together across Europe.

Christopher Kirkley of Sahel Sounds (TBA:12) just released his first mini-documentary on the popular music of Western Africa


Kalup Linzy (TBA:09) talks with Creative Capital about the premiere of his new film, Romantic Loner


The New York Times covered the Manhattan performance of Ant Hampton & Tim Etchells’s TBA:12 piece, The Quiet Volume.

And local artist Nadia Buyse (TBA:11, and coming up in TBA:13!) sent us a video postcard from her Calligram Fund-supported residency in Berlin.