Looking for a good summer book (or a comfortable place to read it)? Take a look at some of our recent acquisitions in the Resource Room

We’ve been gathering up all kinds of texts to flesh out our dance and performance theory section. Whether you’re a practicing artist, a participant in one of our Field Guide: Dance sessions, or a curious audience member, these critical compendiums and histories offer a lot of great context on contemporary choreography.

Following up on our recent symposium on translation and cultural specificity, we got a great new book on how African musicians are localizing and changing hip hop.

We’ve also added a few new books on our current TBA artist-in-residence Anna Craycroft, including her catalogue for Agency of the Orphan.

And her box set of board books for Developing Patterns.

Plus, as part of Craycroft’s C’mon Language project, we’re compiling a temporary, growing library of resources related to the visiting artists and covering topics of education theory, childhood, pedagogy, and more.



Drop in and enjoy the A/C and a cushy chair, or take a book out to the deck for some breezy reads.