Last week’s C’mon Language talk with Kohel Haver was a thorough and fascinating history of copyright court cases in the US, charting the development of artistic fair use from music to visual art to film. From Vanilla Ice’s troubles with Queen to Patrick Cariou’s recent battle with Richard Prince, Haver used significant moments in pop culture to outline the basics of protection offered to artists who appropriate material. While not all of you could attend, we felt that the content was so important that we wanted to share Haver’s insight’s with as wide a community of artists as possible. To that end, we’ve gathered some of the videos he shared, and posted his “General Guide to Copyright the Law and the Creative Professional” as a PDF for you to download.

Negativland’s Gimme the Mermaid, created on “borrowed” Disney equipment after the group’s legal run-in with U2


A Fair(y) Use Tale, told in the words of everyone’s favorite copyright holders

A response to You(Tube)’s Copyright School, clarifying Fair Use doctrine


And of course: Haver’s own ARTCOP.COM, which is loaded with resources, links, and publications on copyright, tailored to artist needs.