Collected from audience interviews by Ariana Jacob


“Hearing ‘don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop” for so long that strangely, I eventually wanted him never to stop saying it – and when he did I longed for more.”

“After such a long introduction, there was an energetic charge when he finally started to move: sashaying with his arms like a really slow hula dance.”

“People were leaving, walking right across the stage, looking at us still in the audience, so you were hyper aware of your choice to be there. “

“Two white guys with euro accents sitting on the front of the stage, commanding action from a tragically moaning black guy behind them, who never the less seemed entirely in charge of himself.”

“Watching Kaj-anne’s reactions down the row in the audience: he was my meter of whether it was going to be alright.”

“With a performance like that half the time what you are doing as audience is gauging the energy of the room, seeing if other people are sharing your feelings and how they are dealing with them.”

“The who’s-who of Portland choreographers were all there, hungry and taking note.”


Ariana Jacob is an artist whose work focuses on conversation as shared subjective research. Her project Working/Not working: What do you do all day and how do you feel about what you do? is on view at the Littman Gallery as a part of the Emerging Tactics exhibition curated by Recess Gallery.