Speech and dance

There’s only one person on stage in Jack Ferver’s Mon, Ma, Mes, but the work is… Continue Reading

sexy deconstructed

Double feature, Death of the Pole Dancer and Macho Dancer by Eisa Jocson I get great… Continue Reading

Eisa Jocson, Can You Help Me?

The dancer in Eisa Jocson’s Death of the Pole Dancer says, “Can you help me?”  These… Continue Reading

Dear Cynthia Hopkins

Dear Cynthia Hopkins, You may not remember this but I met you once in Gary Grundei’s… Continue Reading

Sound as ventriloquist

Cinema is primarily a visual medium—silent film exists, invisible film doesn’t—but the experience of watching movies… Continue Reading

TBA vs. Toddler

I have been going to TBA every year since its inception, for most of my adult… Continue Reading

TBA Interview: Clare Croft with Luke George

Luke George and I sat down face-to-face (via Skype) to discuss his work, Not About Face, fake belief, and how to keep dancing while being watched by an audience of people looking at you through long, white shrouds…. Continue Reading

TBA Interview: Clare Croft with BodyCartography Project

Over the course of the TBA:14 festival, 400 people will have the opportunity to be one-on-one with the members of BodyCartography in the intimate performance installation, Super Nature. I recently talked about the installation with BodyCartography founders, Olive Bieringa and Otto Ramstad. Two-on-one talking about one-on-one.
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