Supported by a grant from the Precipice Fund, the Weird Shift Storefront was open for six months in 2014, from April through October. In that time, they hosted more than 25 events, displayed the work of 15 artists/non-artists directly, and featured over 16 presenters in the various evenings, workshops, and our signature “Micro-Talk” sessions, at which anyone who wanted to could come and share their marginalia research to a curious and eager audience. With 30 hours of regular open time per week, in addition to those events, Weird Shift was able to showcase visual, performance, video, and sound art from Portland-based, national, and international artists. Weird Shift Storefront made a space available that anyone could enter, not just an “art” crowd, and think, discuss, and experience different ways of sharing interesting material with other people.

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Weird Shift Storefront