A pilot still

RECESS  is a collaborative arts initiative based in Portland, Oregon, developing and supporting projects that rupture the experience of everyday life and inspire new social possibilities. Since losing our headquarters in 2014, RECESS has been exploringthe effects of rising rental and real estate costs on arts workers in major cities along the West Coast of the US and Canada, focusing on how the resulting nomadic lifestyles and dispersed communities shape artistic production. With Moving Out, we intend to foster a new sense of regional identity by showcasing artists and projects that respond to these conditions both directly and indirectly. Our collaborators in this project include organizers at other alternative spaces and artists facing and addressing economic pressures.


soledadreleaseThe book release and performance marking the publication of Again the search, Another disappointment: a translation work by Soledad Muñoz Fiegehen, produced in-house by RECESS, was the first event in our programming. We also presented Seeing It Through, a rotating selection of video works by West Coast artists presented in collaboration with Composition Gallery, where we are guest-curating the storefront window from May to July. Other events included A Pilot For A Show About Nowhere on May 12th, a performative lecture by Los Angeles-based artist and conceptual entrepreneur Martine Syms, and a release on May 30th of an untitled sci-fi novel about debt by Bay Area artist Cassie Thornton.