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Into Muscle Beach’s second year of programming we were graciously awarded PICA’s 2015 Precipice Fund. In our first two years we operated as a transient gallery. Instead of having a home, we preferred to program shows out of temporary galleries, as well as act as guest curators within existing art galleries. Muscle Beach averaged two shows a year in the first two years, each show growing in complexity, and ambition. In applying to Precipice Fund we hoped to expand the regularity of our exhibitions, discover better programming spaces, and help to fully support the artist who work with Muscle beach.


Since 2015 we have held four exhibitions in two gallery spaces. Our first of which, Gate E, was a group exhibition hosting artists from across the United States as well as artists who live in Portland. This one time exhibition led us to find a more permanent home in Southeast Portland, where we have shown three solo exhibitions. Each show is accompanied with an letter sent in the mail to our viewers. By the end of the year we hope to have one more exhibition in a Seattle satellite location. We are grateful and blessed to have had the support of the Precipice Fund to carry our programming through 2015, and give us momentum into the new year.