Since being awarded a Precipice Fund grant in December for “they said don’t bring her home,”

we have made several major changes to the structure of the event and the ways in which we

plan to execute it. We moved the dates of the festival to January in order to accommodate

these changes. At this point, we are doing work to intentionally curate a varied and

intergenerational audience for these screenings, discussions and workshops in order to best

represent and serve the communities of Black femmes in Portland. Since receiving the grant,

we have been actively searching for spaces to house the project. The difficulties that we have

encountered in finding locations that are accessible, affordable and safe for a project created by

and centering black femmes has also played a large role in our reconfiguration of the series.

In terms of the structure of “they said don’t bring her home,” we have decided to replace the

staged reading of Lorena Gale’s Angelique (1999) with a series of performances by

Portland­based Black femme poets. We will commission these artists to produce pieces on the

themes of agency, respectability and desirability as inspired by the Carmen films. We have

reimagined this performance segment in part due to our closer readings of Angelique, and

deciding that the work that this play does in translating Black female bodies into historical and

political sites did not provide as stark an interruption to the erasure of Black female agency we

hoped to highlight in this series. In soliciting the work of contemporary, Portland­based, Black