IMG_5550Since receiving the Precipice Award, Free

Spirit News has published two new issues of the paper, the “Future” issue and the most recent “Use yr Nude Illusion” issue. Precipice funding has allowed for a doubling of our print run (2000 rather than 1000), increased distribution & mailings, as well as new promotional materials including two fancy new Free Spirit T-shirts and a re-designed web site and official domain:

During this period, Free Spirit has also continued to grow our base of advertisers, as well as finding and featuring new work by local and international artists. With each new issue, our community of featured artists & business grows, and this it seems the overall visibility and accessibility of the paper to new communities and individuals grows as well.

With this, a few struggles remain. We are behind schedule for the next two issues of the paper, which had originally been slated for completion before the end of the year. While staying on deadline is not a new struggle for the paper, it is a problem we need to overcome if the paper is to grow as intended. There are many gears within this wheel, and the challenge going forward is to make them turn together on the same axis.

Distribution is another area which can be improved upon and streamlined in the coming year. We plan to continue to reach a wider reading audience and thus much continue to find new & creative ways to distribute the issues to the widest readership possible. This year has seen improvement in this area, but there is always more room to grow.

Creatively, our collaboration has solidified and unified over the course of the past two issues. With each issue the process of working together has become easier and more fluid. The appearance of Jeff Kriksciun back on US soil marks the first time we have all been in the same room working on Free Spirit related material since the project began! For our upcoming issue “The Very Experimental” issue, we plan to explore printing and layout more-working more closely with Gary Robbins of Container Corps to explore new approaches to color, size & paper stock. Other future experimental issue ideas: a issue on a free vinyl record, a issue printed on tshirts, and an ephemeral issue made up entirely made up of vibes and essences. Stay tuned