As we approach the end of Precipice Fund’s third round of funding and get ready to announce our Round 4 grantees on December 13, we’ve been checking in with our current round of grantees to see how their projects are progressing. The update below comes from the team behind the “experimental ‘filmed zine’” project My Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy in late May 2016. Along with their update, they delivered a trailer for the film.

Jen likes heroin is a 5 minute animation of two teenaged girls’ introduction to heroin addiction in Riot grrl era Portland. The animation is part of an experimental documentary hybrid centering around the death of Molly 16, Portland feminist and troublemaker. Molly took her life at the age of 19 after struggling with homelessness and abuse. The story is taken from Molly’s zine, Rock n Roll Fantasy, also the name of the film. Jen was a homeless street worker, who offered “Free Drugs” to anyone outside of the all ages rock club one night. 16-year-old Amber and Molly took her up on it.

The animation takes place in front of the X-Ray Cafe and inside the Howling Frog, two long gone haunts in Old Town. Amber has been writing the script with a final deadline of May 31. Willow has drawn initial character and location sketches. Actress Samantha Turret has been contacted in New York and we are all excited to collaborate in motion in June!

To learn more about the project, visit their website or like their page on Facebook.

Precipice Fund is administered with lead support from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Calligram Foundation/Allie Furlotti, as part of the Regional Regranting Program of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.