As we approach the end of Precipice Fund’s third grant period and get ready to announce our Round 4 grantees on December 13, we’ve been checking in with our current round of grantees to see how their projects are progressing. The update below comes from the team behind Women’s Autobiographical Artists’ Books in May 2016.

"A picture of the book we're basing this project on and our first mockup/small edition of the book from our Flying Object residency last year"

“A picture of the book we’re basing this project on and our first mockup/small edition of the book from our Flying Object residency last year”

Women's Autobiographical Artists' Books

Women’s Autobiographical Artists’ Books Project is currently nearing the end of its research phase, which, without a self-prescribed deadline, would never end! Sometimes it feels like we’re just scratching the surface, and as we dig deeper, so many new avenues of research and conversation re: autobiography and artists’ books open up. Finding more experimental works has been so exciting in how it challenged what we initially thought was a pretty straightforward genre. Finds like In Memory of My Peelings by Jessica Susan Higgins has pushed a lot of new blood into our search for compiling this book.

This research has led to new discoveries, discourse, and questions regarding the reach and scope of women’s artists’ books. It’s been so rewarding to speak with some of the local and national artists and learn more about their process or intentions for making artists’ books and and their impact. The definitions or parameters of autobiography and for the artist book are wide, and we’re trying to be as open as possible in our inquires and inclusions. We’re starting to organize and develop a website to serve as a public reference point, and are already well into laying out the book. The process of creating a physical object through material practice is so different than the research phase, but it all seems to be so perfectly cohesive—making an artists’ book reference point book compiled of artists’ books.

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