The Movement For Black Lives (M4BL), and organizers mobilizing across the country, organized a week of action June 1st to 7th in defense of Black lives. This is an opportunity to uplift and fight alongside those turning up in the streets and online. Each day of the week of action represents one of M4BL’s demands.

Monday: The Rights of Protesters to be respected

Tuesday: Invest-Divest

Wednesday: Community Relief

Thursday: Community Control

Friday: End the War on Black People

Saturday: Make Meaning from Crisis

PICA condemns the violent, racist, and militaristic methodologies of police departments across the United States and specifically in Portland, Oregon, as well as the move to increase funding for inherently violent policing in our city when it is rather a time to defund. We will actively work to dissolve our own connections to these systems. We challenge our city, state, and national government; our partner organizations, our audiences, our donors and funders, and our own organization to do better. We urge you to join us in taking action: donate, read, post, petition, protest, and have tough conversations. We are asking our white and non-Black audiences, artists, donors, partner organizations, and ourselves to find ways to show up and actively engage in solidarity with, and support of, Black community members and Black-led organizations.

The information below is time-sensitive and based on the demands put forward by The Movement For Black Lives. If you have additional resources and links please let us know. This will be an ongoing and evolving process.

We want to take a moment to thank The Movement For Black Lives, and our community for the calls for listening and action. It is a core part of our work to share our space and resources with artists, social justice organizations, and independent organizers. We will continue to reach out. Currently we are in communication with, food and protester relief groups, artists, and others to share space, staff time, supplies and other resources to their efforts. We are committed to the ongoing work against racism and call on our audiences, artists, donors, and funders to do the same in all the ways that they can. We will continue to share resources and calls to action in defense of Black lives and in support of Black justice.



Friends of Noise is a 501-c3 organization that seeks to foster healing and growth for the creative youth in our community via the arts. We do so by hosting professional development workshops and inclusive all-age concerts that provide live performance opportunities for youth artist, and hands-on experience for emerging youth sound engineers.

Po’ Shines Cafe De La Soul is a minority-owned contemporary soul food restaurant with a Cajun flair that provides quality dining, concessions sales, and catering services.

TojoFotos is owned and operated by Tojo Andrianarivo, a graduate of the University of Washington with a Masters degree in Visual Communication Design. He has over four years of professional photography experience serving the Portland community.

Everybodyeats PDX is a Black-owned catering/private chef company, that provides a wide variety of food to feed any diet.

Dwell Realty is a full-service real estate company assisting sellers and buyers of residential and commercial real estate/leasing.

DB Dessert Company is a bakery specializing in custom cakes and over the top cupcakes.

PDX Women of Color is a squad of visionaries creating meaningful experiences for the self-expression of black and brown women to be inspired to grow personally and thrive professionally.

For more recommendations please visit the Mercatus website for a list of companies who all identify as Black, African American, or African.


Divest from Multnomah County Sheriff Racist Policing: This is a link to an auto-populated email rejecting the proposed increase to funding for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s department. It calls for divestment from police and reinvestment to community in more specific terms. The hearing is June 11, 2020.

Thank you to The Movement for Black Lives, ally.wiki, Don’t Shoot PDX, Care Not Cops Campaign PDX, blackliveswillalwaysmatter.carrd.co, Allie Hankins, Carnation Contemporary, She Shreds, and others for this list of resources.

*Statements above are quoted from the links.