Alex Felton is an artist and publisher who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. His work has been exhibited widely throughout the Pacific Northwest including: Small A Projects, Fourteen30 Contemporary, Ditch Projects, Carhole, Half/ Dozen and the Lee Cason Doss Center for Garden Arts. Along with his collaborator Kevin Abell, Felton founded and curates the periodical poster Nudity in Groups. The most recent installment was featured at the 2011 Time-Based Art Festival at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. In addition Felton is the editor of the annual literary journal Weekday, published by Publication Studio, which also published and distributes, Felton’s artist book Touched by an Email (2010). Felton’s second artist book Funny or Die (2011) was published by Container Corps. Felton received his BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Felton sells his sculptural editions through Stand Up Comedy, and his work is regularly featured on

Selected Readings

I (not love) Information, Anthony Hubermann, Afterall 16, Autumn/Winter 2007.

In Defense of the Poor Image, Hito Steyerl, e-flux Journal #10, November, 2009.

IMG MGMT: Teen Image, Seth Price, Art Fag City, October 22, 2009.

The Accidental Bricoleurs, Rob Horning, N+1, June 3, 2011.