Antoine Defoort tries to maintain a good atmosphere and a high level of porosity between his seasonal whims, life, as in real life, and contemporary art. He therefore often finds himself struggling with blatant contradictions that are either proudly assumed or shamefully hidden through the use of mind numbing non-sequiturs and wild digressions. Failures and accidents are welcomed with open arms and create a crispy granularity particularly appreciated by connoisseurs. Together, Julien Fournet, Antoine Defoort and Halory Goerger co-founded l’amicale de production, a small production house in Lille / Brussels (France / Belgium)

For greater context and a more in-depth exploration of Antonie Defoort and his collaborative work with Halory Goerger, click here to view a PDF of collected reviews, interviews, articles and links. A great resource for those who really want to dive into the Festival!