Big Terrific is a weekly comedy show in Brooklyn hosted by Gabe Liedman, Jenny Slate, and Max Silvestri. It started as a project between three friends: a free, low-key event where they could try out new material and perform regularly in front of an audience who’d be up for the experimentation. Before long, the show’s reputation grew, and it became the go-to stage for innovative comedians and comedy fans who’d rather see something new than the regular two-drink-minimum acts.

The big concept behind the show is: let’s just be friends. The idea that you might get made fun of if you sit too close to the stage is the antithesis of what Gabe, Jenny, and Max set out to do. On any given Wednesday in Brooklyn, you can show up at Big Terrific to hear personal stories from people who love to tell them, see short films by up-and-coming directors, and laugh along to stand-up curated carefully by Gabe, Jenny, and Max.

Big Terrific has been proud to host Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, Nick Offerman, Janeane Garofalo, Aziz Ansari, Reggie Watts, and many other comedy superstars over the years. The show was also awarded the prestigious “Best Of New York” by New York Magazine.

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