As co-directors of the BodyCartography Project, Olive Bieringa (NZ) and Otto Ramstad (USA) investigate empathy and the physicality of space in urban, domestic, wild and social landscapes through dance, performance, video, installation work and movement education. Their works range from intimate solos for the street, stage, or gallery, to large site-based community dance works, short experimental films, to complex works for the stage. They have created performance works, short films and installations across the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Russia and South America and were recently named “Dance Company of the Year” by the Twin Cities City Pages. They are featured artists in the first book about site dance in the USA published by University of Florida Press entitled Site Dance, the Lure of Alternative Spaces.

For greater context and a more in-depth exploration of BodyCartography Project and their work, click here to view a PDF of collected reviews, interviews, articles and links. A great resource for those who really want to dive into the Festival!