In Portland’s hallowed history of rock, Bugskull is a shadowy influence. Born in 1991 as the bedroom four-track project of Sean Byrne, by the mid-90s the band had evolved into a three-piece rock ensemble—Byrne on guitar and vocals, Brendan Bell on bass, and James Yu on drums—weaving a spacy spell for the lucky attendees of their live shows, and releasing a handful of utterly unique albums incorporating elements of electronic music, raga, and alternately plaintive and poppy vocal work. Called Portland’s “sleeping giants” by Snipehunt magazine, the band reforms for an evening of soulful inner space travel. Be there when the giants awaken.

After landing its first album-length cassette Subversives in the Midst (Shrimper, 1992), Bugskull produced a slew of self-released cassettes and then a 10-inch self-titled EP (Quixotic, 1993). The band continued to redefine lo-fi experimentalism with Phantasies and Senseitions (Road Cone, 1994), Crock: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Pop Secret, 1995), and Snakland (Scratch, 1995). Byrne continued producing work after the band’s dissolution in 1996, including Distracted Snowflake Volume One (Pop Secret, 1997), Distracted Snowflake Volume Two (Scratch, 1997), and Bugskull vs. The Big White Cloud (Scratch, 2002). Communication (Digitalis Recordings) will be released Fall 2009.