Chloe Alexandra Thompson (b. 1990, Canada) is a Cree, artist and curator, living and working in Portland, Oregon. Thompson works in new media, movement and poetry to emphasize aesthetics as a means to seduce the viewer into a stream of ongoing equilibrium and the interval that articulates the stream of daily events, their proximities to historical patterns, and relationships between them. Moments are depicted that only exist to clarify our existence; separating shared and individual histories. Her work isolates the movements of humans and/or objects. By doing so, new sequences are created which reveal an inseparable relationship between motion / activity and sound. She finds that these junctures of movement reveal an inherent awkwardness, and seeks to present moments of truth. Using Pure Data, Arduino, hardware and voice, Thompson creates unique sonic experiences and expressions through the spatialization of isolated frequencies.

Thompson’s work has been shown at Littman and White Galleries, Compliance Division, Open Signal, Bronco Gallery, Corridor (Seattle), and PCC. She has also presented in collaborations for Converge45, Disjecta, Out of Sight (Seattle), PICA TBA:17, and Nationale. Thompson has given lectures and facilitated workshops as a part of TBA:17 Institute in dialogue with Tanya Tagaq, Portland State University, PNCA, Open Signal, and home school pdx. Thompson’s written work has also been featured in publications including Art in America, Zero Cool, Provision, Cig Thesis, and Blankstairs.