Christina Najera Started her debut in the sex industry as a stripper in 2008. She has done many things and is passionate about creating true narratives of the people in the industry. She created The Stripper Project in 2016 in the basement of her home, photographing and talking to friends about their experiences in and out of the industry.

“What I love about this job, is the people I work with. I am inspired by the creative ambitious spirits that grace the dark nights and early mornings. I am inspired to create this project because I know that the workers of the sex industry are magical, and I want to help break down the stigma that is heavily piled on top of the term SEX WORKER. This industry has provided for my family. This job has allowed me to spend time doing the things that set my heart on fire and its shown me freedom. I learn from these woman, I grow with them, I cry and laugh with them. I am proud to stand with us. I am proud of the mysticism that runs through our bodies. I feel that the more united we are, the greater we become. Each event we host ties back to our foundational mission, and I consider my contributions to be my small way of helping advance our cause.”