Dan Gilsdorf is a Portland-based multimedia artist whose works address sculptural physicality using immaterial technologies such as digital video, sound, and language. He has exhibited nationally and internationally at Parko Gallery (Tokyo); the East/West project (Berlin); Artists’ Television Access (San Francisco); and Disjecta and Marylhurst Art Gym (Portland). Gilsdorf has been awarded grants and residencies from organizations including the Regional Arts and Culture Council and the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

Selected Press

Interstate, Isaac Peterson, PORT, August 9, 2005.
Dark Corners: Dan Gilsdorf, Richard Speer, Willamette Week, November 26, 2008.
PDX Art: interview with Dan Gilsdorf, Richard Schemmerer, pdxart.blogspot.com, December 27, 2008.

Selected Videos

Dan Gilsdorf talks about art and technology at DorkbotPDX (Vimeo)