Daniel Godinez Nivón (Mexico City) – Godinez Nivón is a multimedia artist based in Mexico City. Originally from Oaxaca, Godinez Nivón was raised in the Mexican state of Chiapas. He studied visual arts at the National Academy of Arts, UNAM, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Arts and Designs at San Carlos Academy (UNAM). Godinez Nivón has had solo shows at the Tlaltelolco Cultural Center, UNAM, and group shows at MUAC, The University Museum of Contemporary Art. Godinez Nivón participated in the print-based program, Medios Multiples, and was awarded the prestigious Jóvenes Creadores grant from the Fondo Nacional de la Cultural y las Artes for his project, Asamblea Musical, which will be exhibited in part at Galería de la Raza. In this experimental, sound-based project, Godinez Nivón studies the relationship between art and life through the Tequio, a traditional form of collective decision making.