Ev Echovia is a mixed white passing queer non-binary femme artist and FSSW living in the Mojave desert on stolen Serrano/Chemehuevi land also known as Joshua Tree, CA. Their work focuses on acknowledging complexities of sex work and erotic liberation at the intersections of somatic healing, queer survival, and ancestral magic. They play and explore within mystical realms as a response to cultural grief & trauma, isolation, stigma, precarity, and to dream deeper into themes of autonomy, love and collective transformation. Their intention is to reclaim and reanimate narratives attached to bodies and lineages known and unknown and to echo a prayer of vitality and protection to whores, edgewalkers and the Earth itself across time and space. Ev is the co-creator of Tempt Fest ~ A queer erotic film fest in Southern California. They facilitate performance art and ritual centered community gatherings and they are also a Sexological Bodyworker with an interest in reproductive justice and sexual healing for all people existing on the margins.