Evie Snax is a multimedia digital visual artist, curator, hustler, sex magik worker, and queer indie porn enthusiast casting spells of self-love and liberation. Her work reflects her experience as a queer mixed Chinese-American/white femme and looks and feels like it does because she is a fresh millennial slut with keyboard fingertips. Her gifs center QTBIPoC and sex workers in a vibrant contemporary fantasy free of binaries, shame, and oppression. Her work has been exhibited and screened internationally from Moore College of Art and Design to the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival. Currently she is co-producing Hot Bits, a touring sex-positive film and arts festival in its 4th year. She is also a recipient of the Leeway Transformation Award, is a CFEVA Visual Artist Fellow, and Elsewhere Exchange Fellow. Follow her on ig @snaxho_ and view her portfolio at snax.wtf/evie for more.

Evie Snax Website