Frédéric Bouché is an installation artist who explores the idea of space on a grand scale. Since the creation of his first site-specific work in the Spring Street subway station in New York City in 1986, he has challenged the conventional notion of landscape reproduction through large scale installations. He has created both indoor and outdoor installations in New York, Boston, Paris, Alaska, Greece and China. Intertwining the disciplines of geography and cartography with photographic and figurative montage, he weaves a tapestry of interior and exterior; image and nature. He was an artist-in-residence with PICA in 1997.


French/American, b. France, 1960

Solo Exhibitions

1997		Gallery 312, Chicago

1995		San Francisco Art Institute
		Philip Johnson Atrium, University of Houston
		International House, University of California, Berkeley

1994		Boston Armory, in collaboration with the Boston Institute of 			Contemporary Art
		Atrium of the Winter Garden, Battery Park City, New York
		Around the Coyote, Chicago

1992		Château de Chambord
		Abbaye de Cluny
		Domaine George Sand, Nohant
		Château de Carrouges

1991		Musée de Sully, Paris

1990		Centre Culturel Français, Beijing

1986		Prince Street Subway Station, New York

Group Exhibitions

1997		Norwich Arts Council Gallery, New York

1990		Lan Shan Fine Arts Gallery with Li Shan, Shanghai

Exhibitions in Progress

1998		Château de Saint Germain de Livet, Normandy
		Couvent des Augustines, Centre Culturel d'Orbec-en-Auge

1999		Instituit Français de Thessalonique, Greece

Awards and Grants

1997		Services Culturels Français, Chicago

1996		Services Culturels Français, San Francisco

1995		Étant Donné, The French-American Endowment for 				Contemporary Art, New York
		Services Culturels Français, Houston and New York

1994		Association Française d'Action Artistique (A.F.A.A.), "Aides aux 			Projets," Paris
		Olympia & York, The World Financial Center Arts & Events 			Program, New York
		Services Culturels Français, Chicago, Boston and New York

1993		Arches, Arjo-Wiggings U.S.A.

1991-92		Ministère de la Culture, Caisse  Nationale des Monuments et 			Sites Historiques, Paris

1990		Ambasade de France, Beijing
		Services Culturels Français, Shanghai

Bibliography and Videography

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