Héctor Remedios Fernández is a graduate of the Faculty of Visual Art at the University of Art (ISA), Havana, Cuba, where he is currently a professor in the New Media Lab. Remedios is concerned with the relationship between performance and the fields of Art-Science- Technology (ACT) with a particular interest in the practices of Bio-art. He is the author of a thesis on Sustainable (Auto)-Interaction Processes [PI(A)S], in the field of art. He is specifically interested in the bioelectricity that emanates naturally from the human organism, particularly, when it is generated during processes related to artistic creation. The bioenergy communion between the actors of an artistic event offers critical ideas
about art and the human relationships established through it.

Remedios is also co-founder of the Órbita project, a space for dissemination and knowledge exchange that was designed to fill gaps in the academic program of the ISA. To date, Órbita has held more than twenty extracurricular conferences. In addition, Remedios co-founder DOT (Desarrollo de Obras Tecnológicas), a project dedicated to create viable ideas based on alternative technology in the Cuban context.

Remedios has been published in Cuban Art News and in journal of the University of the Arts (ISA). He served as an organizer for the 12th Havana Biennials at the University of Arts (ISA) as well as for its theoretical program; he was also a member of the Organizing Committee of the VI and VII International Festival of Video Art of Camagüey (FIVAC). Remedio´s work has been exhibited in various spaces including the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center, Villa Manuela Gallery, and during the 11th and 12th Havana Biennials.