MIKA ARASHIKI AND MARI FUKUTOME formed dance duo Ho Ho-Do in 2001. Their work is created through exploring the delicate sensitivities and impulses they feel in everyday life based on the relationship between two individuals and by their various ways of communication. They adapt not only ordinary dance techniques, but also small, and some might say trivial, gestures from daily life as motifs that reveal their poetic world-view. They have collaborated with a range of artists including playwrights and musicians. Their recent site-specific series, Ho Ho-Do @***, typifies their signature style of presenting work outside of traditional performance venues, fusing ordinary places as an extension of daily life. As part of this series, they’ve performed in houses, on stairs, in corridors, on roof terraces, at cafés, and at street crossings. Ho Ho-Do has filmed their performances presented at these venues, posting the results monthly to YouTube since 2009.